We bring in solid oak Shaker Style Chairs from a company called Troutman Chair. We bring their chairs in unfinshed, allowing us to match the the colors of our Shaker Style Kitchen and Dining Room tables. Troutman Chairs are manufactured in south Carolina, using all solid oak, they are truely an American Made Product. All chairs are availale in multiple sizes and colors/

bathroom vanities

Jelly Cabinets are available two different stlyes, Single Door and Two Door. Our two door Jelly is 36 inches wide, where as the single door Jelly is 16 inches wide (Both are 48 inches tall). Both come with two shelves and are avaialable in any color combination. We also offer a "Mini" jelly, which sits at 32 inchese wide and 30 inches tall.


bathroom storage

We have Kitchen Islands for every size kitchen, and can be personalized to match your exact needs. We have five different sized Islands, including two "Mini" Islands. All of our Islands can come with a numder of features, including: trash can pull outs, dish washer cut outs, sink and cook top cut outs, bunned feet, extra seating, additional storage, and more.

Our Shaker Style bathroom furniture is perfect for adding extra storage in any bathroom. We offer: Jelly Cabinets that tuck away nicely, Toilet Tank Toppers, which go great over a toilet or as a medicine cabinet, and Butlermates, which fit snug against any wall, giving you a tall, narrow pantry-like cabinet, perfect for hiding away bathroom products.

We also do complete Kitchen Make-overs, where we build all new door and drawer faces for you existing cabinets, making your kitchen look brand new without the pain and price of redoing your entire kitchen.

kitchen islands

Shaker Style kitchen and dining room tables, made in solid wood with solid shaker style legs. Available with either a solid wood, or solid cherry top. Tables come in three traditional sizes: 48 inches, 60 inches, and 72 inches long, but we are able to build our tables to any size, so you can seat the whole family. Our tables are perfect fo hosting large groups, or even small breakfast nooks.

We offer a large number of Kitchen and Bathroom storage pieces. as well as Kitchen Islands and Shaker Syle Tables. We also offer a Shaker Style Troutmann Chair, available in any combination of our 19 paints and stains. Bathroom Vanities are also available in any size or configuration possible. Perfect for bathrooms of any size.

Jelly cabinets 


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We also offer custom bathroom vanities. We offer Shaker and Traditonal style vanities in both beadboard and flat panel. Our vanities can be built to any size and design, with tons of storage options behind doors or drawers on full extension metal drawer slides.. We offer both single and duel sink vanities. A vanity from us will give you the look and feel of a brand new bathroom.

One unique service we offer is our Kitchen Make-Over. We can manufacture all new door and drawer faces for your existing cabinets, that you don't have to spend the time and money redoing your kitchen. We can also construct new drawer boxes with full extension drawer metal drawer slides for your existing cabinets. You choose any color you like. Doors come available in flat panel, beadboard panel, and raised panel.